Shelby Walton

Shelby Walton writes whimsical, character-driven fantasy books for all ages. She wrote her first novel in fourth grade, and meticulously backed it up on a floppy disc (dear children, floppy discs are considered relics now). It was an adventure story about a pack of talking wolves and she dreamed of seeing it on a bookstore shelf.

Shelby's middle grade fantasy THE HEART BLOOM PATH was selected for Author Mentor Match Round 8. Shelby is represented by agent-extraordinaire Bethany Fulk of Holloway Literary , and THE HEART BLOOM PATH is currently on submission.

When she isn't writing, Shelby is most often found outside: hiking with her wonderful husband and their shelter pup, playing in all bodies of water (rain, puddles, rivers, lakes, oceans, she loves them all), and marveling at God's gorgeous creation. She seriously considered using Shelby Puppypetter as a pen name which probably tells you more about her than this entire bio.

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